Weekly Meal Prep Plan #2

Weekly Meal Prep Plan #2

Hi friends – happy Sunday! I know it’s been a while and I said I was going to do these every week (woops) but I’ve been super busy and just got back from an epic Colombia trip so I kinda dropped the ball on that. But I’m back! With the second instalment of my weekly meal prep plan, which I must say is a damn delicious one.

A few notes: as usual, this should last you for a few lunches and dinners for the week, and assumes that you have some basics around that don’t need to be included in your weekly costs, like oils, nut butters, spices, etc. If you’re vegetarian, simply replace the chicken or fish with another protein of choice, like tempeh or tofu, baked (I love this crispy tofu recipe) or simply sautéed with some oil, tamari, salt + pepper. I’m also going to break it down for you and provide recipes for some of the components below, as well as ideas for mixing + matching them!


Butternut Squash Kitchari

Turmeric Tahini Sauce

Chocolate Fudge Balls

Coconut Rice

Rinse 1 cup of jasmine rice under cold water until it runs clean. In a saucepan, heat up 1 cup of full-fat coconut milk (from a can) with 1/2 cup of filtered water and bring to a boil. Add your rice, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before fluffing with a fork and adding 1/2 tsp. of sea salt.


  • Spinach salad w/ sweet potato or butternut squash (other half leftover from kitchari recipe, cubed + roasted at 400 degrees for 30 mins), shredded chicken (or other protein of choice), other chopped veggies you have around, nuts/seeds (I love almonds and pumpkin seeds) and turmeric-tahini dressing (mix the sauce with lemon + olive oil to thin)
  • Coconut rice bowl w/ chicken (or other protein), sweet potato + turmeric-tahini sauce
  • Kitchari w/ coconut jasmine rice
  • Chicken/fish served w/ sweet potato + sautéed spinach, plus tahini sauce for dipping
  • Wraps w/ chicken, spinach + sweet potato dipped in tahini sauce (I love these coconut wraps)

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