Healthy Pantry Essentials!

Healthy Pantry Essentials!

Hiya pals! I’ve had a few requests for this post, so I thought I’d share my essentials for a stocked healthy pantry! These are the basic items I use alllll the time in my own cooking + baking, so they’re featured a lot in my recipes and meal prep plans. I also don’t include these “essentials” like oils, spices + nut butters in my meal prep plan costs, because generally you can buy them and have them last in the pantry for a few months (so purchasing it once will only be a fractional cost per meal).

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There are definitely certain brands that I’m pretty loyal to, but for some products, I’ll switch around the brand based on what’s available/on sale. I’m BIG on saving money (because hey, I’m not rich) (yet) – but without sacrificing quality. My stance is that my health is enough of a priority for me that I am willing to shell out more on certain higher-quality ingredients. But I pick my battles! And you should too. There is NO right or wrong way to eat + shop. For example, I always spend more money to buy things like organic eggs, wild fish, and certain organic fruits + veggies. Am I going to purchase a fancy box of organic crackers?! Possible, but unlikely. To me, that’s just not the best use of my money. I prioritize the quality of the ingredients that are most important to me, so that’s my view! The more you cook and learn about ingredients, the more you can establish your habits/preferences as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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Also I should say – I try to my best to stick to the basics and not get too sucked in to “fad” products (although I’ll try anything once ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and this generally means I’m not spending a crazy amount on pantry essentials. Some are pricier than others, but below are all of the ingredients that I typically have on hand, and they last me quite a while! Except for nut butters…we won’t talk about how fast I go through those.

Where I shop (for the best prices):

  • Costco: my parents have a membership so I’m lucky – they really have the best prices on things like nuts, seeds, nut butters, coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, etc.
  • Bulk: I ADORE bulk stores. I live close to a Bulk Barn in Toronto and there is a great bulk section at my food co-op, both of which allow you to bring in + weigh your own jars. I purchase SO much of my pantry stuff in bulk, because it saves tons of waste and is drastically cheaper! Win-win ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Online: I love shopping at iHerb (use my code KUL5773 for discount!) or on Amazon for great deals on natural/organic products.

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In my opinion, the following staples are worth investing in. I’ve provided links to my favourite brands that I use regularly beside some of the products, if you’re interested in purchasing (contains affiliate links!)








  • Grassfed collagen peptides: I switch between brands, but usually it’s Vital Proteins, Further Foodย (use my code KULASKITCHEN10 for 10% off your order!), Sproos or Sports Research)
  • Coconut milk and/or coconut milk powder
  • Organic coffee beans
  • Flakey sea salt for a fancy topping
  • Dried chickpeas: for making the BEST homemade hummus!

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