Kula’s Kitchen Energy Bars

Kula’s Kitchen Energy Bars

My Mission

Everyone needs healthy, delicious snacks, right? Let’s face it: we lead busy lives. Whether it’s before/after the gym, during that afternoon slump or later in the evening, it makes such a difference to have something quick + easy on hand that you know is going to make you feel great + check ALL of the boxes. Well…I have a solution for you!

My mission is to make healthy, delicious food as easy + accessible as possible, to help people feel + perform as best they can!

That’s why as of January 2019, I am selling two flavours of my delicious + nutritious energy bars to customers & events around Toronto! I’ve worked hard to develop THE ideal energy bars, made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. They’re perfectly sweet and a tiny bit salty, with a rich, decadent taste that you’ll love.

I want to make it easier for you to eat healthy during the week, and not have to circle around the grocery store aisles trying to figure out which bar (out of the hundreds) is going to give you everything you need to feel satiated + energized. I want you to start your week with a box of delicious energy bars in your fridge, delivered to your door and ready to go, to take the guesswork out of healthy snacking.

If you’re in Toronto and are interested in giving these a try, details are below. I’m SO excited about this and I hope you are too – can’t wait for you to try these!

Product Details + Pricing

Made with real, whole food ingredients.

Low in sugar and sweetened only with dates.

8-10g protein / 5g fibre / 5g sugar per bar







How to Order

Send an email to emma@kulaskitchen.com specifying how many and which flavours you’d like. Payment can be made by cash in person, or by e-transfer.

Pickup is possible in the Annex, or they can be delivered to certain areas of the city. Please let me know which area you are in to determine if I’m able to do delivery ($5 fee). Thank you so much!

If you’re interested in having me provide energy bars/bites for an upcoming event, please email me with details and we can chat!