21 Whole30 Recipe + Meal Ideas!

21 Whole30 Recipe + Meal Ideas!

Hi pals! It seems that my incessant Whole30 rambling has led to some of my family/friends being inspired to do the program as well, so I feel it is now my responsibility to provide recipes + inspiration to help others through the experience! Not that I’m an expert, haha. But I’ve been through it too and want to share some of my favourite things that I ate! Because that’s what I do 😉

All of the meals below in bold (which is most of them) have recipes linked to them, either from my site/Instagram or others! Enjoy 🙂


Stuffed baked sweet potatoes

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Sweet potato toasts

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Mini veggie + egg frittata cups

Two Hands breakfast bowl

two hands copycat breakfast bowl | kulaskitchen.com

Smoothie bowls – make sure to load them w/ mostly veg + fat + protein, as seen here and here. You can also check out my smoothie bowl guide here!

Sweet potato + brussels hash w/ fried eggs

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Paleo sweet potato pancakes (just leave out the maple!)

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Grain + sugar free cashew coconut granola – use it to top coconut yogurt, smoothie bowls + baked sweet potatoes

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Paleo cinnamon hazelnut sweet potato bread – top w/ nut butter + fruit, avocado, eggs, etc.

Eggs in zucchini noodle nests w/ roasted veg + sweet potato toast


Almond butter cabbage slaw – you can use this recipe, just leave out the soba noodles and replace the peanut butter with almond butter! Add organic eggs or chicken for protein.

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Giant salads with BBQ chicken – load them with tons of greens, roasted veggies, and BBQ chicken or other compliant protein of choice (organic hard boiled egg, salmon etc.)

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Salmon cakes + salad + sweet potato fries – make sure you replace the soy sauce/tamari in the salmon cakes with coconut aminos!

Spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles w/ chicken bolognese sauce – I make one that’s similar to this recipe, but replace the red wine with ghee!

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Asian style spaghetti squash – add organic chicken/eggs/shrimp for protein

Shawarma spiced chicken w/ herbed roasted potatoes + salad

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Whole30 BBQ chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

bbq chicken stuffed sweet potatoes | kulaskitchen.com

Fried cauliflower rice w/ kimchi + salmon – replace the safflower oil with coconut oil, and add cooked wild salmon for protein!

Tilapia lettuce wraps w/ peach + tomato salsa

Whole30 chicken curry

whole30 meal ideas | kulaskitchen.com

Pesto zucchini noodles w/ chicken + roasted butternut squash

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